Used Aircraft Sale Agreement

NOW, THEREFORE, in view of the mutual pacts and agreements it contains and for other valid reasons, the parties agree to this effect: Re: `The serial number of the aircraft manufacturer with the serial number ` and the U.S. registration number N_____________. Das is this sales invoice with to read and does not replace a sales slip that is delivered with regard to the aircraft on an appropriate form for registration with the Federal Aviation Administration. This clause defines the agreement to sell the seller of the aircraft and the consent of the buyer to purchase the aircraft and may relate to one or more aircraft. The sale and purchase agreement generally states that the aircraft must be sold in a “where is” condition and will meet certain conditions by each party, which are generally as follows: Representations, guarantees, agreements and agreements of the buyer and seller will survive the conclusion. Any sale, use or similar taxation and any interest or penalty on these taxes (unless such interest or penalties are the result of an act or omission by or on behalf of the seller that is not authorized or ordered by other means by the buyer) resulting from the sale of the aircraft to the buyer, excluding income, capital gains or similar taxes that are imposed on the seller , are the buyer`s responsibility. When the seller receives a notification of similar sales, uses or taxes, audits, receivables, receivables or debts at risk, for which the buyer may be held liable in accordance with this section, the seller must immediately inform the buyer of such potential tax debt. The buyer has the right to control, manage or defend audits, claims, claims, proposals of liability or litigation relating to a use of the sale or a similar tax for which the buyer is responsible in accordance with this section. The following information explains the steps required to sell an aircraft. These include advice from AOPA experts on how to avoid legal tangles and make the entire sales process work smoothly. All this information used as a checklist is the secret to a successful sale. The checklist contains logical sections such as sales invoice, transfer date, plane transfer, check-in and general information.

These sections contain the steps required for this section in the checklist format. AOPA recommends that the buyer have a pre-purchase inspection of the aircraft conducted. It can be as little as an hour or two of a mechanic`s time until a full annual inspection by a mechanic with inspection authorization. (b) The performance, supply and delivery of the contract by the seller has been duly authorized by all necessary measures on behalf of the seller and is not in contradiction with a violation of any of the conditions or resulting in a delay in a document, instrument or agreement involving the seller. It is very important to know how to sell an aircraft properly. There have been countless cases where individuals who were selling an aircraft were not aware of certain important procedures and then imposed themselves in a legal hairball. Tracking the steps described in this object report can help make selling your aircraft easy and easy.


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